About Us

BLACK BROWN TAN is a Contemporary Men’s Fashion Brand.
Designed for Men who Appreciates Attention to Detail, Art and Style at the same time.
From the heart of Indian Shoe Industry to You!

Company Overview

Tan may be a relatively new fashion trend on the block, but BBT - Black Brown Tan - is certainly not. With over four decades of being in the shoe-making business, we at BBT are the combination of experience, passion and adapting to dynamic environments, while staying deeply tied to our roots and basics.
Each shoe at BBT is carefully handcrafted with love and extreme precision, keeping in mind the things we look for the most in shoes - comfort and of course, the looks!
The Shoes are timeless in Design, Playful and Irresistible for you to go ahead and make that statement.
Shoes made for the Younger Professionals, just starting out in the big bad world with maximum durability and functionality, also Style; International Styles at absolute affordable prices, competing with the various options available in market!
Our shoes are handmade Vegan shoes, Veganism - “A Truth Whose Time has Come” without even hurting the smallest of microorganisms because we believe that nature should be conserved.
We at BBT promise you to deliver each pair of shoes with the topmost Quality, Comfort and Utmost Love at the same time. So go on, order our shoes - We Ship Pan India and wear them Guilt-Free, from Morning to Evening - to the Boardroom or the Club.
Just remember to be on POINT and on TOP of your game while you're at it!


Inspired by her 4 decade old family business, Aashima Mehra decided to put forth her passion for shoes into a venture called “Black Brown Tan”. Even though great technological advancements are doing the rounds today, she believes that nature ought to be conserved, with this sensitivity towards all life forms, she decided to embark upon something that most Shoe designers do not even think of. The shoes are crafted in an Eco Friendly manner, without harming any animal however big or small.
It is often said that good shoes take you good places and the ones here at Black Brown Tan, definitely do so. With a family that has been engaged in the shoe business, shoe designing is something that is inherent and comes naturally to Aashima.
Black Brown Tan is ready to take the world by storm and carve a niche for itself with its ability to ship Pan India. With shoes that are similar yet so different, they definitely add to one’s personality and offer to the wearer a great element of Zeal, Confidence and Comfort!
The shoes here are Pure Indulgence and Happiness.